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EDI Business to Business Services
One of the new services that EDMS would like to offer to our customers is the B2B services, its primary objective is to help customers exchange business documents such as Purchase Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Status Messages, Pickup Orders in EDI ANSI X12 format with your customers. This service will help small and medium size businesses to have EDI.

eData Mapping Solutions (EDMS) pleased to announce the starting of in-house EDI Services

  • You can able to exchange and receive documents in EDI format with your customer
  • All you need is internet connection and email
  • EDMS is building the functionality to send and receive Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Status Message, Ocean Shipments etc in EDI format with your customer
  • EDMS have the option of reporting function so that you can view your Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipments in a readable format through email
  • eData Mapping Solutions will handle the exchange of EDI documents with your customers
  • You need only internet access and an email, so what you need to is basically to send the Purchase Order or Invoice or Shipment etc in an email to eData Mapping Solutions, EDMS will convert to EDI document and send it to your customer using FTP or VAN or AS2 connection
  • In turn if you are suppose to receive either Purchase Order or Pickup Order or Shipment info, EDMS will convert the EDI document from your customer into more readable format and send it to your email address
  • EDMS is trying to make this EDI process as EASY as email to our customers and this service will definitely reduce your problem troubleshooting and resolution time