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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any help in choosing a right EDI Software for the company ?

Yes, EDMS can help you to choose the right EDI Software based on your volume of the documents that you want to exchange with your trading partners and the type of application software that you want to integrate with it. 

We have an EDI production process issue. Do you provide any help ?

Yes, one of our services is to provide our expertise to help and fix any EDI production process issue that you may have. Our vast industry and expertise can do free assessment of the problem. After the free assessment EDMS can work on the problem and fix the issue so that your EDI System is up and running. Please call eData Mapping Solutions, LLC at 614-495-7716 for rates and other info.

Do you provide remote EDI Help ?

Yes, as part of our services, EDMS does provide remote EDI help by logging into your EDI system. With a short notice of time, our professionals are available to start working for you.

I have couple of new EDI Maps to be developed, can you do this kind of service ?

Yes, if you have just the EDI Mapping requirements, then EDMS is happy to assist you, our expertise can do new EDI Maps as well as enhance or fix the existing maps. EDMS can develop the maps using SAP IDOCS, Application File, ODBC Mapping and build GAP Analysis by doing analysis of your Application system document requirements and the EDI requirement and build the EDI map for your company.

Can you help us build the EDI Implementation Guidelines or Companion Guide using EDISIM or EDIFECS ?

Yes, EDMS can help you in building the EDI Implementation Guide using EDISIM or EDIFECS software, below are some of the documents that EDMS has created the Implementation Guidelines or Companion guides

      • 850-Purchase Order
      • 856-Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
      • 810-Invoice
      • 820- Remittance
      • 823-Lockbox
      • 824-Application Advice
      • 830-Weekly Release
      • 832-Price Catalog
      • 862-Daily Schedule
      • 861-Receiving Advice
      • 875-Grocery Purchase Order
      • 880-Grocery Invoice
      • 204-Pickup Order
      • 210- Freight Invoice
      • 214- Status
      • 315- Ocean Status
      • 835- Remittance & Payment
      • 837- HealthCare Claim
      • 834- Enrollment Plan

Can you provide EDI Training on our software for our employees?

Yes, based on the list of topics that you choose or EDMS can help you to come up with the list of topics and we can provide the training on your software. For more details contact eData Mapping Solutions, LLC at 614-495-7176

We have EDI system but we have a new requirement to do XML with one of our customers, do you have provide help in XML ?

Yes, EDMS would be happy to do it for you and has separate rates for EDI and XML, kindly call EDMS at 614-495-7178 for more info.

We are new to EDI and may go for EDI pretty soon, how can you help us ?

Yes, one of our major services is to provide EDI implementation. Its primary objective is to do detail requirements study

      • Choose EDI software, install and configure
      • Build an EDI Road Map for the company
      • Build a right Integration Strategy based on the Application Software you have
      • Build the required EDI Maps
      • Build a robust EDI subsystem either on Unix or Windows or AS/400
      • Integration Testing with your Application System
      • Build a EDI Trading Partner Testing plan and move to production
      • Build a production support model
Please call EDMS at 614-495-7716 and our team is happy to come down to your office and give a presentation for the executives.