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EDI Production Support
It is critical for any business to see that they are receiving the Orders, Shipments, Invoices etc from their customers electronically and able to translate these documents and upload an integrate into your Application Software without any problems, sometimes it is possible to be in a situation where you need help to look into an EDI Production Support issue, if you are looking for help immediately then eData Mapping Solutions(EDMS) is happy to assist you, EDMS has highly experienced professionals and handled medium to large EDI Systems and can help you for any type of requirements that you might have.

Production Problem

If you have a production problem where some of your EDI processes are not working in your sub-system either in Unix or AS/400 or Mainframe or Windows system, then EDMS can do some free assessment and can look into the problem and fix the issue for you, so that your EDI systems are up and running.

EDI Mapping

If you have an EDI Mapping issue and your EDI Mapping is not working or you have a requirement that you need to be in compliance with the customer or you need to upgrade the segment by including new segments so that you can bring that info into your Application Software or able to send the data to your customer, then EDMS has the experience in handling emergency situations, EDMS has all the expertise to do SAP IDOCS, ODBC Mapping, Flat File Mapping or XML then please call us at eData Mapping Solutions, LLC at 614-495-7716 or email at sales@edatamapping.com, EDMS is happy to assist you.

FTP or AS1 or AS2 Scripting

If you are connecting through either FTP or AS1 or AS2 or AS3 to your customer or supplier and have jobs or processes that needs to be upgraded or look into, then we can assist you to fix or make enhancements to your scripts. Please call us at eData Mapping Solutions, LLC at 614-495-7178 or email at sales@edatamapping.com, we are happy to assist you


If you are looking for help to automate your process of sending and receiving your business documents, EDMS has the expertise to help you in

  • GXS Mailboxing
  • Scripts to pull/push to your VAN to your Trading Partner Site
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • AS1, AS2, AS3
  • MoveIT Central